We were incorporated in Singapore in 1995 by a group of management team and shareholders with a total of more than 60years experience in composite industries. We started as a specialist distributor in composite raw materials, tools and machinery, and progressively went into manufacturing of related product. From the experiences and knowledge accumulated, plus the effort and development that we put in, we are also able to provide technology transfer as well as turnkey project in many areas eg GRC, GRG, Corrugate sheet, Polyprint, Polygran, Solid surface, structural strengthening etc etc Product that we manufacture and distribute are: Polygauge, a thickness sensor for measuring thickness of all non ferrous product. Polytech geltimer for measuring geltime of resin. Polychrome, a coating technology that enable one to produce chrome gold, silver, brass finish on almost all products/substrate. Polygran, a system for producing granite finish in FRP product Polyprint, a coating system for making wood, marble, carbon finish on most substrate of most product Polybright additives makes white gelcoat or coating look ultra white. Polyuvin additives protect FRP and coating against UV attack. PolyUvishield coating will not lost it gloss over 5~10 years. It brings back original colour of faded coatings. Lamipant, a continuous FRP corrugate sheet making machine/system Polyspray, a portable spraying equipment for spraying viscous materials like polyester gelcoat. Polyhose are hoses crimped for resin and catalyst line, and are use respectively in chopper, gelcoater, RTM, PU and Polyurea dispensing system. Barco Hardness, for measuring hardness of FRP, plastic product. Carbon yarn, chopped fiber, milled fiber and carbon fabric Hydrocal is for making GRG used in casinos and many prestigious buildings, Duracal, the only concrete product that expand on curing and is used for road repairs, plinth construction. Silicone rubber for makng flexible mould PU Rubber for making flexible and textured moulds. Texture moulds of various design and patterns are used in construction of texture wall. Fiberglass product, including milled fiber, Conductive filler used in coating, laminate and product where anti-static and conductivity is required. Resin infusion materials and accessosries Vacuum pumps and tank. Fyrestop, a fire stopping coatings. It is coated onto a FRP laminate or any substrate. When in contact with fire, the coating expands, insulate and protects the substrate from direct flame. Epoxy system for floor coating and for wooden boat lamination. Artificial marble floor system OS124 and 128 are connector lubricant. It prevents corrosion in contacts via fretting and by chemicals. Santotrac is a traction lubricant that becomes pseudo solid when under pressure and revert back to liquid when pressure is off. Use to prevent wear and tear in moving metal contact and for maximum transfer of power from contact to contact. Polyester film is used as a release film in FRP sheet production. Chemstain react with cement in concrete to produce antique colours that will not fade over time. Use in colouring concrete floors, wall and artificial rock. Polymer 774 enhances strength and long term mechanical properties of GRC. Spunbond Polyester veil protect metal die from wearing in pultrusion process. It prevent fibre blooming, UV attack on the FRP. It also has a very high chemical resistance. Slitting machine for slitting of film, paper, non woven. Vacuum mixer mixes matrix under vacuum. It is use in production of solid surface, glassflake compound and artificial marble. Spraycon 128 is a GRC spray equipment. It dispense cement/sand slurry and chopped AR glass in the production of GRC panels. Spraycon 138 is a spray equipment that is use in production of GRG panel Polyvac is a portable vacuum pump used in vacuum bagging and resin infusion process. Polyvalve is a vacuum valve used in vacuum bagging. Distribution of Skydrol; OS124; CFRP structural strengthening system.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Other
Main Products:Carbon Fabric, Composite Wood, acetone replacement, PC 1244 Defoamer, Portaspray Gelcoater
Total Employees: 11 – 50 People
Year Established:1994
Total Annual Revenue: US$10 Million – US$50 Million
Markets:Southeast Asia 40.00%

Domestic Market 30.00%
Oceania 5.00%
Operational Address44 Tech Park Crescent, Singapore

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