Shishi Seabound Aquatic Products Co., Ltd.

Shishi Seabound Aquatic Products Co.,LtdShishi Seabound Aquatic Products Co..Ltd, formerly known as Meilin Refrigeration Plant, is located in Fujian Lotus Industrial Park, Xiang Zhi Town, Shishi province. Our company specializes in processing and processing seafood, such as refrigeration, roughing, aquatic products, semi-processed products and end products.The founder of the company, Mr Li Darong, was born in a fishery family. Since, Mr Li Darong's grandfather time, Mr Li Darong has been helping in the family fishery business. The company currently own six fishing vessels. Mr Li Darong business has been engaging in the aquatic business for more than a century since Mr Li Darong's grandfather time. Dues to Mr Li Darong entrepreneurial spirit, past learning experiences, and learned from his grandfather's business skills, it has become his forte in the seafood business that the company has grown and currently own two cold storage & a seafood freezer in a short period of time.Shishi Seabound Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd two cold storage has a total storage capacity of 13000 tons, one seafood freezer with a 120 tons storage capacity, single frozen production line, weight separation line and other equipment etc.Mr Li Darong's father in-law, Mr Cai Zetou, is the famous founder of the local hand made semi-fish products. The semi-fish products made by Mr Cai Zetou is well received by the domestic and overseas markets, thus laying a solid foundation for Shishi Seabound Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd on the production of the semi finished fish for the markets demands.The company's frozen processed seafood products consist of frozen mackerel, mainly blue SCAD, Chinese gun squid, sardines, pomfret, bonito fish knife. Our company exports exceed more than 2500 tons per month. Total yearly company's exportation is more than 30000 tons to Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Japan and other countries and regions included.The semi-finished products are mainly: the dried Chinese gun squid, dried big eel, dried blue SCAD, red head fish fillet, dried shrimps, salted cuttlefish, salted big eyed snapper, salted fish etc. The production processing are all manually done – stripping of the seafood, open air drying using sun and wind and salting. No artificial preservatives or additives are added in order to preserve the most original taste of deep-sea fish, which is very popular among consumers.Our company, Shishi Seabound Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd has a wide range of frozen and fresh seafood products priced at a reasonable price. And our company uses a complete and scientific management theory system in running the company. At Shishi Seabound Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd, with our strong believe in building lasting good health through our deep -sea seafood, thus we will strive to bring to you the natural nutrient rich deep-sea seafood. So to ensure people can enjoy the natural and simply pure goodness of the deep-sea delicacies.At Shishi Seabound Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd, we welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our company for any of our products enquiries and business opportunity discussions.
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company
Main Products:mackerel, squid, jack mackerel, Sardine, moonfish
Total Employees:
Year Established:2014
Total Annual Revenue: US$2.5 Million – US$5 Million
Markets:Southeast Asia 60.00%

Africa 10.00%
South America 10.00%
Operational AddressNo. 235, Lianban 2nd Area, Xiangzhi Town, Shishi, Quanzhou, Fujian, China

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