Universal Fish Company

"Universal Fish Company" is the major operator at fish market of Ukraine, presents wide range of services such as import, processing, sales of fish products at domestic market and export deliveries of finished fish produce abroad. Besides, the company owns large cold logistics complex on processing and storage of frozen and fresh produce. PRODUCTION:Today Universal Fish Company has the largest fish processing plant in Ukraine. Modern and fully equiped production enables us to produce high quality goods.Our current production operation consists of 6 specialized departments such as:- smoked fish department- salted fish department- salmon fishes processing department- preserves department- caviar department- frozen fish and semi-finished fish products departmentMore than 1,000 tons of fish products are processed at our plants each month.We always develop and improve our production facilities. Annually we make considerable investments into updating and expansion of our production facilities. We are absolutely assured these investments will be repaid and will lead to recognition of high quality of our products.QUALITY CONTROL OF IMPORTED RAW MATERIALS:UFC operates a quality system that begins with the quality control of incoming raw materials.Quality control of incoming raw materials begins when the ship arrives to the seaport.Main principle of our Company is to produce goods of the highest grade. To achieve this purpose we created a special department – "Production quality control department". There is a long quality control chain:- incoming raw material control- technological processes control- production quality control- storage conditions control- delivery conditions controlThis approach to production process has been keeping us among the leading Ukrainian fish producers for many years!In every seaport works our laboratory with modern equipment. All samples of fish and seafood studies for all physico-chemical and microbiological parameters. After all studies fiiling up the card of incoming raw materials with complete description of organoleptic characteristics, type of packaging, cutting type, weight characteristics, labelling. Also controlling availability and compliance of all accompanying documents.Fish or seafoods, which does not meet the requirements at least one of the indicators, doesn't allowed for producing of products.STORAGE CAPACITY:Cold storages of the complex occupy more than 17 000 m2 and allow to place more than 17 000 tons of products at storage temperatures of -25C +10C. Modern storage technologies, brand new storage and cooling equipment give a possibility to provide high-quality storage of products at various temperature ranges: from -18 to -25C; from -2 to -10C; from 0 to +10C, and guarantee its freshness and safekeeping.Capacities on products storage consist of: Freezer storage with an area of 1500 sq.m. that let keep up to 2000 tons of products at a time at temperature of -10 -25C. Freezer storage with an area of 9000 sq.m. with a built-in administrative office block, that let keep up to 15000 tons of products at a time at temperature of -10 -25C. Logistics terminal for keeping and distributing fresh (chilled) products with an area of 6500 sq.m. with a built-in administrative office block.Nominal day turnaround of products is more than 200 tonsEffective capacity of logistics complex is assured by effective design of the facility and acting scheme of transport movement. There are parking lots for cars and trucks at the complex territory. In front of the storage blocks there are grounds for trucks maneuvering. Security is assured by 24 hour video surveillance system, security check points, fire and security alarm systems.
Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Products:Cold Smoked Salmon Slices, Cold Smoked Salmon fillet, Frozen Salmon Fillet, Frozen Salmon Fillet portions, Slightly Salted Salmon Slices
Total Employees: Above 1000 People
Year Established:2014
Total Annual Revenue: Above US$100 Million
Markets:Eastern Europe 20.00%

Western Europe 20.00%
North America 20.00%
Operational Address4, Perspektivna Str., Kiev, Ukraine

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